Evolution of Caravan

Hey guys! Hope 2019 is going well and that you guys are having a fantastic start. We are already into February. How time flies!

We know some of you guys have been waiting and we wanted to have an honest conversation regarding the transportation requests that we have received.


Caravan was founded with the mission to help people find the best bus for their work commute so that we could provide a healthy alternative to private car usage. Our initial hypothesis was that there are operators servicing the different parts of Dubai & Sharjah and as long as we searched hard enough we could find them and help match people to the right bus.

Unfortunately, that hypothesis turned out to be partly incorrect. There are quite a few areas that aren't being properly serviced by legal and authorized bus operators. To fill the gaps, Caravan then pivoted into the operational side of things by setting up new buses (in partnership with existing operators) where we saw the demand was strong enough. Though we had some success in this area, it still turned out to be a very slow, difficult and expensive process for us.


The combination of two experiments has brought us here. If we haven't already reached out to you then we are UNABLE to provide the transportation service. Even those we have matched, honestly, it hasn't been a particularly swift process. To avoid these delays and horrendous turn around times, Caravan is now changing it's approach.


We are now ONLY providing service on those routes where he have active buses running. This way, people can see all the information (including pricing) in one convenient place and be instantly matched on these buses. We are constantly working to improve our network of bus operators and expand the routes being offered. We are still going to vet all the operators who join the network to make sure they have the proper documentation and licensing from Road and Transport Authorities (RTA) and ensure they provide a high quality of service. 

The only reason Caravan is here is because of the patience and support that our passengers have displayed during the matching process. We are very thankful and grateful to them. We would also like to apologize to all those whom we were unable to match and though there isn't much that we can do, we have saved your request and in the future when we do have an operator on board we are going to reach out to you and if the requirement still stands we will automatically offer you a 10% discount.


We wish you all the best with all your hopes and goals for this year. Let's make this year a memorable one and let this be the year you become the best version of YOU. Keep rocking!

Syed Wajahat Karim
CEO of Caravan.